International Film Festival Bosnia Herzegovina Looks Around (IFFBHLA)

Bosnia and Herzegovina
North Macedonia



Films of and about the Jury Members



December 18th - 20th, 2020




The Children Will Come
Ke dojdat decata

Ana Jakimska
Macedonia / 2017 / 0:19:00

Velika, a young teacher, is sent to a remote village in the mountains to teach the children who live there. However, the winter is cold and long, and there seems to be no trace of the children. Instead, Velika meets an old lady who takes her on the path of self-discovery.


Neon Hearts

Ana Jakimska
Macedonia / 2018 / 00:16:00

Petar is a middle aged man who spends a lot of time on the road with his truck. Away from home and his family, he lives a secret life in which he is free to be himself. However, one night, in one of the motels he visits, he is met by somebody who will put an end to his routine.


To Tell a Ghost

Chris Piotrowicz, Stefan Ehrhardt
Bosnia Herzegovina / 2019 / 0:12:00

It tells the story of Mirza Ramic, the Bosnian-born, American-based musician and one half of the electronic music duo "Arms and Sleepers". While spending most of his adult life in the US, Mirza was born in Bosnia & Herzegovina and lived there until 1992 when the Bosnian War forced his family to flee the country.
Mirza and his mother would spend the next few years moving across continents, countries and states as refugees — living in Tunisia, Egypt, Italy, Croatia, Czech Republic, Arizona, and Massachusetts. Mirza’s father did not survive the war; he was killed by a mortar shell in 1993. Mirza’s mother, a piano teacher, introduced the piano to him at the age of 6. Subsequently, the piano became the one constant in their lives as they kept changing environments and moving further away from Bosnia & Herzegovina.
"To Tell A Ghost" captures Mirza's attempt to process personal loss and childhood memories while finding healing through music. A story about loss, remembrance and healing.



Ricardo Mbarkho
Lebanon / 2007 / 0:03:36

This video questions the mobility of the Arameans in the Lebanese social context; this is through the example of a woman who has undergone one of the explosions in Beirut. Are the Arameans who hold their language and their religion pursued again by terrorism in Lebanon?


Plus que normal
More Than Normal

Ricardo Mbarkho
France / 2002 / 0:10:18

"More than normal" (Plus que normal) shows a three couples story that ends by a separation. There is almost no dialogue and no action, at a time when an unstable equilibrium leads to a tense atmosphere. Keywords for this video would be: Desire, charm, wish, love, fear, hopes, anger and separation.