International Film Festival Balkan Horizons - Looking Around (IFFBHLA)


Bosnia and Herzegovina

North Macedonia

Multinationality - Multiethnicity - Multireligiosity
The Riscs - The Possibilities - The Questions - The Engagements
For a Sustainable Future


Multi-nationality - Multi-ethnicity- Multi-religiosity, living together in a shared place… the ongoing migration movements will intensify the issues rising up here. The festival wants to contribute to create a space of dialogue, knowledge, sensitivity and understanding for a peaceful and sustainable future.

Evidently this is one of the most challenging political and social global challenges today. Reciprocal understandings, recognition, acceptance of differences, in short, tolerance are the most demanded qualities to avoid the next programmed wars.

In Europe one of the most affected regions of these conflicts are without doubt the so-called Ex-Yugoslavian, or in a larger sense Balkan countries. In their centre we find Bosnia and Herzegovina. So we started from here to "look around", to find films, fictional or documentaries, which let us understand better the rise and continuation of conflicts, the problems and barriers of communication, the hopes and fears of people confronted with permanent social and ecological menaces. False solutions are often presented focused on concepts of national, ethical or religious separatism.

We invite specially films produced or threading problems of the seven most concerned territories: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia. The films should be (co)produced in these countries or treating questions, subjects, phenomenon or situations located here.

We need to understand what is the social and political, the ideological and mental ground that leads people to get abused or brainwashed into being motivated to go to wars that are in fact arranged by the interests of power groups, which use religion, ethnic or national differences for their profit. We need to understand, which behaviours, experiences and meetings are essential to keep peace. We often find traces of the vulnerability in people´s lives caused by their specific surroundings, schools, families, manhood ideology, role stereotypes, in short, mostly rules on behaviors based on a patriarchal ideology, which never promises a fruitful life.
In consequence our festival presents a huge panorama of other aspects of contemporary life in the Balkans region. It´s time to look around and to understand that people's real problems are not separated by religions, ethnicities and nationalities, on the contrary, partly they are caused by them.

The International Film Festival Balkan Horions - Looking Around (ex Internatational Film Festival Bosnia Herzegovina looks Around" (Paris 2020) will select and screen works, watched by an international jury, and honoured by four awards: THE MAIN AWARD, THE FUTURE AWARD, the SENSITIVITY AWARD and the SURPRISE AWARD.

The Festival will realize a competition section for short films from or about Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia.

In a second competitive section feature length films from or about these countries will be presented.

In a third section we are looking for films coming from all parts of the world treating the mentioned subjects: Multi-nationality - Multi-ethnicity- Multi-religiosity, in other terms the question of problematic borders and frontieres, films, which can help us by their detailed and specific observations, how these fatal effects are made and settled.
These films should threat observations about societies, marked by persisting national ideologies, often without any promise or strategy for efficient health and social care, without any political concept to create a human, tolerant and caring society, forcing people to live in degraded conditions, often marked by poverty and helplessness. In these conditions the only self confirmation consist mostly in just being part of a nation, ethnicity or religion.



The works from the third section will be presented in the "World Section". The Jury will attribute the TOLERANCE AWARD for this section.