International Film Festival Bosnia Herzegovina Looks Around (IFFBHLA)

Bosnia and Herzegovina
North Macedonia




December 19th - 21th, 2020





Masha Clark
Serbia Montenegro / 2019 / 0:19:52

An 11-year-old girl, Dunya, lives with her parents in a small town in the North of Serbia. When Dunya decides to accompany her father on his wine delivery, a chance encounter with her father’s old love confronts her with the mystery of who her father is, and more perilously - who he used to be.



As If Biting Iron

Stephanie Rizaj
Kosovo, Austria / 2019 / 0:06:59

“What if women could move a house?” In “As If Biting Iron”, Rizaj uses the medium of film to challenge this very question as we witness the walls of a brutalist building, situated in the forests of Kosovo, being moved by the forces of over 100 anonymous women. Pushing against the deadweight of the concrete, the burden of oppression literally and figuratively comes undone. Rizaj’s will to collective refusal not only affirms the potency of female unification, but implements a confidence that is palpable.


Missing Earring

Bujar Alimani
Albania, USA, Greece / / 2017 / 00:39:39

When her husband dies, a wife invites his mistress to go over the details of a will. Although the wife is furious over his disloyalty, she promises not to contest the will if the mistress tells her all about their affair.



Stack of Material

Sajra Subasic
Bosnia Herzegovina 2019 / 0:07:00

In an attempt to answer the question of whether home is a specific place or everything we carry inside ourselves, the filmmaker goes on a search for a single shot of her parents' home, in which she never lived. In the process, she collects a wealth of shots and creates a memory of the city where that house is located, the city that was home to her parents and thousands of other people who were forced to flee due to war in the 1990s, and from where people continue to flee today due to neglect and a broken economy.


Foreign Body
Strano Telo

Dusan Zoric
Serbia / 2018 / 0:20:00

Willing to prove his manhood to his handsome buddies, Marko tries to find a girl. In the encounter with a victim of a past sexual trauma he discovers an aggressive part of himself.