International Film Festival Bosnia Herzegovina Looks Around (IFFBHLA)

Bosnia and Herzegovina
North Macedonia




December 20th - 22th, 2020





Andrej Volkashin
North Macedonia / 2019 / 0:20:00

A bitter-sweet story about an unusual friendship between a nine year old daredevil MARIO and an eccentric young gay man, challenged by the prejudices and hatred of the parents in a remote Macedonian small town.




Autumn Waltz
Jesenji Valcer

Ognjen Petkovic
Serbia Montenegro / 2018 / 00:18:16

A couple are trying to reach freedom from a besieged town. They know there is a barricade with soldiers on the road. To pass it, they need permission, which they don't have. But the man says the word "Lemon", which could be their path to freedom.




Bafl Sarhang, Ismar Vejzovic
Netherlands / 2018 / 0:15:00

Sami, a young refugee from Syria tries to find his way in The Netherlands. He finds a refuge in a local mosque where an old imam Abdullah takes him under his wing and helps him keep his head above water. Through refugee organizations Sami tries to make contact with his family in Syria whom he didn't hear nothing from for a long time now. The only comfort in his lonely existence is Yara, imam Abdullah's daughter, with whom he has a secret relationship. The arrival of a young, radical imam Huseyn to the mosque marks the shift in religion teachings. After hearing that his family in Syria is killed and his beloved Yara is being subjected to arranged marriage, Sami too is no more immune to this teachings and returns to the world he thought he had fled. Until he realizes that Huseyn used him to get rid of everyone that stood in his way. But then it's too late to turn back as the timer of the bomb is ticking away.



The Bull

Bojan Labovic
Slovenia / 2019 / 0:12:10

Milan Veber, a 40-year-old unemployed art teacher, has been without a job and, of course, has also been chronically broke for quite a while. He lives in a cheap small studio apartment that he rents in what used to be a lively working-class quarter of an industrial city. Feeling too young to grow old and too old to start over – until the moment when he wants to open a can of beef stew after a night of drinking.



Eduart Grishaj
Albania / 2020 / 0:16:00

In the north of communist Albania, in an isolated mountain village, the life of a family will change forever. Patriarchal norms and traditions have transformed the inhabitants. Shpresa, only 17-year-old, suddenly reveals she is pregnant from a secret love affair. Shpresa's mom does her best to stop her daughter in giving birth to this baby. Sokol, Shpresa's father, unaware of his daughter's pregnancy, asks for the help of the village nurse, Theresa, as he thinks Shpresa is severely ill. The girl's mother puts the nurse ahead of an accomplished fact, to abort the child, who would permanently stain the family with shame, even if it risked her daughter's life.



Nicolas Neuhold
Luxembourg / 2020 / 0:12:50

In 1921 a Luxembourgish cartographer visits Albania to prepare maps for the newly independent country. He reports to the chaotic Paris Conference of Ambassadors, which is deadlocked by national self-interests, egoism and the unwillingness to compromise. An observation he made could change the outcome of the diplomatic gathering.